Cuba and Argentina's Olympic Committees strengthen cooperation

Cuba and Argentina's Olympic Committees strengthen cooperation
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30 March 2023
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The presidents of the Cuban and Argentinean Olympic Committees, Roberto León Richards and Mario Moccia, signed a sports cooperation agreement that will contribute to strengthen the existing links between both countries.

During a meeting in this capital, both officials highlighted its importance to increase exchange and collaboration in the sector.

"A joy to sign this agreement, as it allows us to exchange knowledge, share experiences, train our coaches in each of the disciplines and better prepare and train our athletes in the sports in which each country is strong for future commitments," said Moccia.

Richards assured that from now on, the committees of Cuba and Argentina will strengthen the bonds of friendship, help and solidarity.

The secretary general of the Argentinean entity, Víctor Sergio Groupierre, explained that the Caribbean nation will provide support in individual sports, especially combat sports, and that Argentina will advise the Greater of the Antilles in soccer, field hockey and rugby.

"That complementation will be very important because the Island is very well prepared in boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, judo and other disciplines. We will also collaborate so that their gymnastics team can train in Buenos Aires in preparation for the Pan American Games in Santiago 2023," he added.

According to statements from both parties, they also pledged to strengthen the exchange of views on international sports issues to continue spreading the Olympic spirit and for the preservation of world peace.

The Cuban ambassador to Argentina, Pedro Pablo Prada, stressed that the signing of the agreement takes place within the framework of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between these two States.

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