Cristina Fernández is the best candidate, says Argentine senator

Cristina Fernández is the best candidate, says Argentine senator
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24 April 2023
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The president of the Justicialista Party in this capital, Mariano Recalde, assured today that the Argentine vice president, Cristina Fernández, is the best candidate of the Frente de Todos (FdT) for October general elections.

During a plenary session of the political organization in the Ferro micro-stadium, the FdT senator also expressed his support for the former head of state and denounced the judicial persecution against her.

“This act is in clear and explicit support for Fernández, who leads our political force and designed the strategy that was electorally successful in 2019. We want to repeat that to carry out the transformations that we did not do at this stage. We cannot return to macrismo (former president Mauricio Macri, 2015-2019)”, he asserted.

In addition, he pointed out that after the decision of the president Alberto Fernández not to opt for re-election, social organizations hope to know the definitions of the FdT on a possible candidate.

We are awaiting the steps that Cristina takes and meanwhile we continue with these meetings to give strength to our driver, he pointed out.

For her part, the deputy Paula Penacca considered it necessary for the former president to freely define what she wants to do. She is the best candidate. If she finally decides and the ban is broken, simultaneous and compulsory primary elections are meaningless, she added.

The event this day has the motto The City with Cristina and is the third held within the framework of the so-called operative outcry, organized to denounce the attacks on the head of the Senate and support her participation in the event at the polls.

We are going to break the ban with militants and organization, asserts a document released today.

In addition, he warns that Latin America faces a new offensive of neoliberalism, implemented through lawfare (legal warfare) against popular leaders.

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