COVID-19 decreases, but we need to maintain hygiene and safety of the population

COVID-19 decreases, but we need to maintain hygiene and safety of the population
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24 November 2021
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Although the prognosis is favorable, Cuban scientific authorities urged to maintain epidemiological surveillance as a priority.

To maintain the hygiene and safety of the population in the stage of the new normality, minimizing the incidence of COVID-19 and arboviruses such as dengue, was the call of this Tuesday's meeting of the temporary working group of the Government for the prevention and control of the pandemic.

Analyzing the behavior of the epidemic of the new coronavirus, José Angel Portal Miranda, the minister of Public Health reported that the highest transmission in November is in Camagüey, with 82 cases per day on average; Holguín with 73 and Sancti Spíritus with 58.

"These territories concentrate 52.2 % of those diagnosed in the country so far in November," he stressed.

Among other issues, the temporary working group paid particular attention to the anti-vectorial fight, especially to the transmission of dengue, after analyzing epidemiological and entomological indicators at the national level at the close of last week (the 46th of the year 2021).

To face these risks,  health authorities- reported Portal Miranda - are developing a group of main actions, such as increasing epidemiological surveillance at the level of health areas to promptly identify suspected arboviruses cases and ensure their entry in correspondence with the indications issued.

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