Committees for the Defense of the Revolution condemn acts of vandalism

Committees for the Defense of the Revolution condemn acts of vandalism
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19 July 2021
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The Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), issued a declaration condemning strongly the acts of vandalism that took place on the island last July 11.

In its statement, the island’s largest mass organization recalled that it was founded by Fidel Castro to defend the Homeland, the Revolution and the achievements of socialism.

“One of those conquests, the tranquility of the citizens, the right of all to live in peace, is today threatened by the destabilizing actions encouraged by the United States and by spokespersons who, in some cases, have gone as far as to call for a military invasion of our island,” The text added.

“We cederistas are the great majority of the people, we live equally in the countryside and in the cities, in residential neighborhoods and in poor neighborhoods with greater social problems; we stand in the same lines, we suffer the same blackouts, we suffer the same shortages... But we are united by the commitment to defend the Revolution at all costs and not to get on our knees before an empire that for more than 60 years has subjected us to the most criminal blockade in history, in the hope of making our people surrender out of hunger, needs and desperation.

We know that we still have a long way to go to build the Cuba we long for, the one dreamed of by Martí, Fidel, and Raúl, the one our children deserve; but that Cuba can never be born under the rubble generated by the chaos they want to impose on us.

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