China calls at UN for greater representation of developing countries

China calls at UN for greater representation of developing countries
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22 September 2023
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China advocates at the UN to increase the representation of developing countries, multilateralism and the reform of the financial, economic and security system.

“As the largest developing country, China is a natural member of the Global South and has always shared the same destiny with the majority of developing nations,” Chinese Vice President Han Zheng emphasized on Thursday during the high-level segment of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly.

The vice president stressed respect for the national sovereignty of each country and ratified his support to the international system with the UN at its core: “The United Nations must promote work in the three pillars of security, development and human rights in a balanced manner, so that all countries can jointly maintain universal security, share the results of development and jointly control the destiny of the world,” he emphasized.

In Han Zheng’s point of view, major nations should be an example in leadership and implement their commitments to multilateralism and improving global governance.

The vice president also called for the adherence to openness and inclusion, while pursuing progress.

For China, the stateman said, “the diversity of civilizations is a valuable asset in human development” and constitutes the basis of humanity: “Different countries and civilizations should develop together while respecting each other, learning from each other’s strengths through exchange and mutual understanding, and cooperate to obtain beneficial results for all, seeking common ground and saving the differences,” he added.

Moreover, the vice president expressed commitment to the full and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement: “Developed countries should make greater efforts to reduce emissions and provide financial, technological and capacity-building support to developing countries,” he stated.

Han Zheng will continue his work at the UN until September 23rd. During that time, he is expected to further advocate for international consensus to confront the challenges of the complex global scenario.


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