Chile's authorities report 21,421 deaths from Covid-19 so far

Chile's authorities report 21,421 deaths from Covid-19 so far
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20 December 2020
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Santiago de Chile, Dec 20 (Prensa Latina) Chile's Ministry of Health (MINSAL) noted today on the 78th epidemiological report that the Covid-19 death toll, including both the suspected and Covid-19 cases, has risen to 21,421 so far.
The MINSAL's latest official report registers 16,101 deaths until Saturday as of the deaths with positive PCR test collected by the Department of Statistics and Health Information.

However, that figure amounts to 21,421, including another 5,320 suspected cases' deaths because the patients showed Covid-19 symptoms but experts did not confirm they caught SARS-CoV-2 by PCR test.

According to the briefing, the domestic fatality rate reaches 110.09 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Likewise, it points out that deaths from Covid-19, both cases and suspected, represent 17.78 percent of the death toll in the country, according to observations and recommendations of the World Health Organization for the coding of deaths resulting from Covid-19.

Something similar occurs with the total number of infections since the first outbreak of the pandemic in the country, which would be 661,829 Covid-19 cases, since the official report records until December 17, 581,135 Covid-19 patients, but there are also another 80,694 considered as suspected cases.

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