Chilean presidential candidates to close their campaigns

Chilean presidential candidates to close their campaigns
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18 November 2021
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Santiago de Chile, Nov 18 (Prensa Latina) The candidates to the Chilean presidency are closing their campaigns today with rallies in this capital and other cities where they will make a last call to the undecided to vote for their government programs.

Seven candidates are running in the race for the Palacio de La Moneda but, according to opinion polls, none of them is close to half plus one of the votes to win in the first round, so an runoff will be necessary on December 19.

The candidate for the left-wing coalition Apruebo Dignidad, Gabriel Boric, one of the favorites according to the polls, will close his campaign in Plaza de Armas of Casablanca, in the Valparaiso region.

“We have the historic opportunity to advance towards the new Chile of justice and dignity that we all want,” Boric wrote on his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, the far-right José Antonio Kast, also considered to be among those with the highest voting preference, will close with a massive rally in Las Condes, district of this capital city.

Experts consider that these will be the most uncertain elections of the past years due to the high number of people who do not know for whom to vote, in addition to the abstentionism in a country where the attendance to the polls is not mandatory.

The candidate for the New Social Pact, Yasna Provote, will end her campaign in the city of Concepción, and that of the ruling coalition Chile Podemos Más, Sebastián Sichel, will do so in the capital.

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