Campaign in defense of the agency Télam promoted in Argentina

Campaign in defense of the agency Télam promoted in Argentina
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11 April 2024
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The workers of the Télam news agency today are promoting a campaign to collect signatures in support of a bill that ensures its continuity, a few days after the 79th anniversary of its founding.

On March 1, during the opening of the 142nd period of ordinary sessions of Congress, President Javier Milei announced the closure of this media agency, attacking institutions of this type and professionals who speak out against him.

Three days later, the agency’s website was deactivated and the Police placed fences around its headquarters in this capital.

The workers could no longer enter the headquarters, they received mandatory licenses and a proposal for a supposed voluntary retirement.

Since then, the professionals of that agency have carried out a camping in its surroundings and various initiatives to demand its continuity and its importance in the current context.

Under the motto We Defend Télam and the right to information, the workers decided to reach strategic points in this capital and other provinces to gain the support of the citizens.

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