Calls from France for Nobel Prize for Cuban doctors

Calls from France for Nobel Prize for Cuban doctors
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18 July 2020
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 In the French capital of Paris, Rose-Marie Lou, a member of the Cuba-Linda association, highlighted the call for the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Cuban doctors who fight against COVID-19 around the world.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the solidarity activist pointed out that the initiative has reached global dimensions.  There are more than 180 organizations from 25 countries, in addition to various personalities, united in the Nobel Peace Prize request for the Henry Reeve brigades.

"The initiative extends throughout the planet, perhaps a map should be drawn up, and there would surely be very few areas from which ideas do not emerge to support it," said one of the promoters of the recognition in Paris.

According to Lou, it is an impossible campaign to stop, despite the actions of the United States to denigrate Cuban medical cooperation and its pressure on the governments not to ask for help from the island's health professionals.

In France, the global campaign has a group on Facebook, which to date has almost four thousand members, and a petition on the petition portal, which has two thousand signatures and 556 comments. 

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