Call in Chile to extend a hand of solidarity to Cuba

Call in Chile to extend a hand of solidarity to Cuba
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7 June 2023
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Santiago de Chile, Jun 7 (Prensa Latina) Chilean internationalists, Cuban residents, solidarity members and friends of the Revolution are participating in a campaign to support Cuba on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the attack on the Cuartel Moncada.

Since the first years of the revolutionary triumph in 1959, Chile received unconditional help from Cuba, so now it is our turn to return the hand of solidarity, Vasili Carrillo, one of the organizers of the initiative, declared.

After Augusto Pinochet’s coup d’état and during the 17 years of dictatorship, thousands of Chileans lived their exile in Cuba, in the following years many were trained for free in universities, among them more than 500 doctors, he said.

Now, at a time when Cuba is suffering the effects of the tightening of the U.S. blockade and the Covid-19 pandemic, the friends of the Revolution launched a two-month campaign, which began on May 26 and will run until July 29.

The action seeks to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the assaults on the Cuartel Moncada and Cuartel Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, which marked the beginning of the last and definitive stage of the struggle for the independence.

The initiative started through social media and is already being joined by organizations and collectives in several places such as Iquique, Concepción and Valparaíso, he informed.

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