Brazilian health workers protest against Bolsonaro

Brazilian health workers protest against Bolsonaro
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13 April 2020
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Brasilia, April 13 (RHC)-- Brazilian nurses have disapproved of Jair Bolsonaro's management of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, local media reported on Monday.  Doctors and health workers in Sao Paulo joined the critics and rejected the president's handling of COVID-19.  They paid tribute to their colleagues who died during the pandemic and denounced the lack of medical equipment to combat the new coronavirus.

According to local media, the Bolsonaro government permits health professionals to work unlimited hours, with 12 hours of rest, which increases fatigue, reduces immunity and leaves workers even more exposed to the coronavirus. 

These government strategies not only demonstrate the vulnerability of this sector, but also the underestimation and administrative disregard of the current Brazilian president.  Health care workers also complain about the lack of medical equipment and supplies to treat those affected and to perform the necessary tests.

Human Rights Watch also condemned the Brazilian government's mismanagement. Among the arguments it puts forward is Bolsonaro's disregard for the Health Minister's efforts to deal with the virus. They also point to his negligence and irresponsibility in managing the disease. 

Several users on social media emphasized that behind the battle against the Coronavirus are not politicians or government officials, but the victims and health care personnel. 

The World Bank forecasts that Brazil, which already has more than 22,000 infected and 1,220 deaths from the coronavirus, will have one of the largest recessions in Latin America, with a loss of 5% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2020.​​​​​​

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