Bill proposes an annual accountability report to Parliament by the President

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Bill proposes an annual accountability report to Parliament by the President
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21 October 2020
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Cuban lawmakers continued analyzing proposed bills to be submitted for approval of the National Assembly of the People's Power.

One of the novel aspects proposed by the bill related to the President and Vice president of the Republic, analyzed virtually on Tuesday,  is the President's annual accountability report to the Parliament.

The issue of the President's accountability generated several statements and explanations since the current regulations on the organization and functioning of the National Parliament of the People's Power and the Council of State, stipulate that the report must take place at least once during the five-year legislature.

Per the new bill, the accountability report would be delivered annually. The deputies described this change as a significant aspect and specified that the exercise would be oral and without a report from the committees.

The legislators pointed out the need to establish feedback mechanisms for the head of the state's accountability so that the report does not become a formal appearance before that body.

During the presentation of the project, Elba Martínez, head of the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers' legal group, clarified that even though Cuba does not have a presidential regime, the bill proposes an auxiliary structure called Presidency of the Republic.

This will be made up of the President, the vice president and a structure whose creation, the President will dictate name, organization, and operation.

The bill will be debated again next October 26, before being submitted for approval by Parliament in its ordinary session scheduled for October 28, along with three other legislative proposals.


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