2024 To Be a Good Year for Venezuela: President Maduro

2024 To Be a Good Year for Venezuela: President Maduro
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25 December 2023
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During the traditional Christmas Eve message, President Nicolas Maduro predicted that Venezuela would make strides in the development of its economy in 2024.


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"Venezuela has not stopped and will never stop. We are moving forward with economic recovery and sustained progress, through our own efforts and the unity of all sectors of the national economy. 2024 will be a good year for the homeland," he said.

In a video posted on social media, he summarized the growth achieved in various areas of the economy and the effort made by all economic agents to confront the U.S. coercive measures.

In recent years, Venezuela has generated new sources of income thanks to the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, which has allowed for the diversification of national production.


President Nicolas Maduro's text reads, "On this Christmas Eve, I share with you the 2023 Christmas message for the Venezuelan people."

In 2023, the Venezuelan oil sector experienced a growth of 13 percent in crude oil and gas extraction, leading to a significant increase in exports in the third quarter.

Other achievements of the economic policy include a 3.7 percent growth in trade during the second quarter of the year and an increase in tax revenue by US$4.6 billion from January to October. By the end of 2023, the Bolivarian government aims to raise US$6 billion.

The video posted by Maduro also highlighted that Venezuelans have faced U.S. sanctions with a united and calm attitude, which has allowed for better levels of well-being in the country.

Similar to previous years, the Bolivarian government distributed over 13 million toys on Christmas Eve. The gift-giving to children from low-income families is a policy implemented by Maduro, who seeks to ensure "a moment of happiness" despite the difficulties caused by the U.S. blockade against Venezuela.

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