International Movie Festival Dedicates Tribute to Julio Garcia

International Movie Festival Dedicates Tribute to Julio Garcia
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9 December 2016
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The work of Cuban filmmaker Julio Garcia Espinosa (1926-2016), the author of memorable films, will be honored by a homage at the International New Latin American Movie Festival in Havana, in its edition of 2016, here.

The coordinators of the 2016 edition organized a colloquium deicated to his work, and the ways he worked.

In addition to hosting this event, the home of the Festival, in the central neighborhood of Vedado, will be the setting for the presentation of the book 'Viviendo en la Lluvia (Living in the Rain), a compilation of unpublished texts by and about Garcia Espinosa.

The 23 and 12 Movie Theater included in its program a cycle dedicated to the productions of this filmmaker, and on December 11 it will screen screened the film 'La Inutil Muerte de mi Socio Manolo'pointless death of my partner Manolo and the next day will be the turn of a flim called 'Tercer Mundo, Tercera Gueera Mundial'. third world, third world war.

Finally, on December 13 they will screen 'La Batalla del Jigue' (The Battle of Jigüe), film directed by Rogelio Paris (1936-2016) with Garcia Espinosa as co-writer and the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro (1926-2016), as leading figure.

Although he worked as a director and actor in vernacular theatre, and also on the radio, young Julio discovered his passion for the movies.

Later, he was the founder of the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry (Icaic) in Cuba, and for a time, worked as Vice-Minister of Culture.

In the penultimate decade of the 20th Century, he was the president of Icaic and of the International New Latin American Movie Festival of Havana. Many documentaries and films, have his own personal stamp.

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