New Film Shows 'Tasty' Cuba-Mexico Relationship

New Film Shows 'Tasty' Cuba-Mexico Relationship
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12 February 2016
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Cuba and Mexico share more than the Spanish language, a reality that encouraged actress Idalmis del Risco to direct her first documentary titled “Between Cuba and Mexico Everything is Nice and Tasty."

The film premiered at the last edition of the prestigious Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), where it received overwhelming praise. It is now available in more than 200 countries through different Internet streaming platforms, and from this Thursday it will also be released in theatres in Havana.

“Between Cuba and Mexico Everything is Nice and Tasty” takes a look at the relationship between the two countries since the 19th century. Featuring interviews with various personalities from diplomats to singers and writers, the viewer is offered an insight into the cultural and social relations between the two countries.

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An important component of the documentary is the music, with Cuban artist Benny More, also known as El Barbaro del Ritmo, features on the soundtrack with a variety of Mambo beats.

The documentary comes at a pivotal moment in Cuban history. Renewed relations between the U.S. and Cuba is predicted to lead to significant cultural and economic change.

Last year, Cuba’s state-owned record label, EGREM, signed a deal with Sony Music Entertainment, opening the door for Cuban musicians abroad, and there are rumors The Rolling Stones will visit Cuba on tour.

“Between Cuba and Mexico Everything is Nice and Tasty" captures Cuba on the brink of this change, while paying tribute to the country's long, significant relationship with Mexico.

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