Let's dance and have fun with the classic music

Let's dance and have fun with the classic music
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1 October 2015
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This celebration, which will take place at the Fábrica de Arte Cubano or Cuban Art Fabric at 9:00 pm local time, will welcome Professor Brendan Jan Walsh who has been part of the event called Artist, We’re in business! related to the musical industry and marketing and that ends up today.

Artists and bands such as Harold López-Nussa, Ernán López-Nussa, Rafael Berlanga, DJoy of Cuba, the Chamber Orchestra of Havana, and the Amadeo Roldán Cuarteto de Cuerdas string Quartet will also perform on this occasion.

Isabelle Hernández, general director of the festival noted about the Havana Classical Rave: “It´s going to be a long and funny night. The people will have fun in an unexpected way since the electronic music will be present but this time at the style of the classic style.

Translation: Kelsi Car (Cubarte)

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