Friends of a Friend at ALBA Cutltural House in Havana

Friends of a Friend at ALBA Cutltural House in Havana
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30 July 2015
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The meeting provided an opportunity for younger generations to talk about the legacy of Hugo Chavez, his human values, his identification with the poor, his charisma in dealing with people and the scope of his political thought.

A group of panelists addressed issues related to Hugo Chavez and his life, including Pedro Pablo Rodriguez, winner of Cuba's National History Prize, and other members of the Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity, an initiative promoted by Chavez more than a decade ago.

Here's what Pedro Pablo Rodriguez said about Hugo Chavez during yesterday's activity:

"I think he combined two important things: First... he was always ready to help his people, he was a total Venezuelan, and I think that is one of the great secrets of his success as a political leader. The other was an extraordinary ability to learn, to improve. You could tell by watching his speeches, in the few times I had the opportunity to hear him speak closely, he always showed a desire to learn, to study, and to know everything."

Also present at the commemorative activities for the 61st birthday of the best friend of Cuba was Yusuam Palacios, President of the Marti Youth Movement. Yusuam talked about the importance of keeping the spirit of Hugo Chavez alive, because there is a lot to do yet in Latin America and the Caribbean. He said it was a duty to bring him to the present, considering his ethical, humanist and anti-imperialist legacy. At a time when we continue our constant search for the second and definitive independence of Our America, “the figure of Chavez is fundamental. "

The project Friends of a Friend emerged in 2013, following the death of the Venezuelan leader. Those who were involved in some way in the life of Hugo Chavez have presented since then cantatas, poetry recitals, as well as book and photo exhibitions, to pay tribute to the man who changed forever the history of Venezuela and Latin America as a whole.

                                                                                                                         Edited by Ivan Martínez

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