Oralitura Habana, event to Enrich the Improvisation Universe

Oralitura Habana, event to Enrich the Improvisation Universe
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19 September 2019
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This will be an exchange to favor the improvised universe of the world, said improviser Roly Ávalos, member of the organizing committee of the first meeting of poetic improvisation, Oralitura Habana.

Organized from September 25 to 29 in this capital, the event will bring together about thirty artists from Italy, Mexico, Peru, the United States, Puerto Rico, Spain and Chile, willing to share with more than 70 Cuban exponents.

This is, Ávalos said, about exchanging estrogen forms, ways of singing and other instrumentation with international and national guests who, no doubt, are part of the mecca of world improvisation.

Among the foreign participants, stands out Mexican researcher Ana Zarina Palafox, nicknamed by many as the multistrophic for her ability to improvise at the same time in tenths, sonnet or lace.

Likewise, the Puerto Rican promoter Julio César Sanabria, the U.S. poets Leonardo Nin and Willy Ramírez, Spanish teacher Paula Beatriz Gutiérrez, the Canarian improviser Tazirga García and the Italian filmmaker David Riondino will attend.

Cuba's list includes improvisers Rainer Nodal, Yordanys Oliva, Luis Quintana, Leandro Camargo, Yusbiel León, Lisett Páez and Juan Carlos Guridy, among others.

The idea is to take the improvised verse from the rural areas where it is more common and bring it to Havana to be valued and heard here, in the great and opulent capital, said the director of the event Leidys Hernández.

Therefore, it will be five days of celebration and spontaneous rhyme that will cover several cultural centers of the capital such as the Hispanic-American Center of Culture and the Higher Institute of Art.

Participants will arrive at the Central Boris Luis Santa Coloma, located in the western province of Mayabeque, to give visibility to the tradition of improvisaion that remains vigorous there.

One of the special moments will take place at 6 p.m. on Friday 25 in the Cuba Pavilion, where improvisers like Reiber Nodal, Anamarys Gil, Sindy Manuel Torres and the rappers El Ciudadano, Tito Mc and Yeriko will clash

For the closing ceremony, at 4:00 p.m. local time, at the Raquel Revuelta Theater, the concert of the Spanish singer-songwriter Zenet, Cubadisco prize 2019 for the phonogram La Guapería, and improviser Alexis Díaz-Pimienta, honorary president of the event will perform.

Oralitura Habana is dedicated to the 500 years of the Wonder City, the centenary of Benny Moré and the Cuban Point, declared by Unesco Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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