Roger Waters Backs Students fight in Colombia

Roger Waters Backs Students fight in Colombia
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22 November 2018
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Bogota, Nov 22 (Prensa Latina) Pink Floyd Group founder, Roger Waters shook this capital not only because of his music but also his emphatic support to the students strike in demand for more resources for public education.

We need more education,' Waters stressed in a memorable concert last night at El Campín Stadium in the capital.

The artist demanded that the Colombian government provide free education for all young Colombians, while on a huge screen behind him the message 'We do need more education' was displayed with a beautiful set of lights.

Waters pointed out that those who do not understand the student struggle are people who defend the neoliberal economy and assume the needs of education with the so-called student loans.

Do you know what student loans mean? That's not the solution. We have them in the United States, where I live, and they mean a lifetime of slavery,' remarked the former member of the iconic rock band Pink Floyd.

The famous guitarist delighted rock lovers with classics such as Breathe, Wish You Were Here, Welcome to the Machine, The Wall and songs from his album 'Is This the Life We Really Want', such as Déjà Vu, The Last Refugee and Picture That.

One of the most magical moments during the imposing show was when we listened to The Happiest Days of Our Lives, accompanied by a beautiful choreography of children and young people wearing T-shirts that had the word RESIST engraved on them.

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