Matar a Jesus, Winner of the Macondo Awards in Colombia

Matar a Jesus, Winner of the Macondo Awards in Colombia
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19 November 2018
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Film Matar a Jesus, premium film by Colombian Laura Mora, was the big winner in this capital of the 2018 Macondo Awards, winning five out of 11 nominations.

The film won the categories of Best Film, Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Sound and Best Supporting Actor for Camilo Escobar.

The film, which is also a candidate from Colombia to Goya, recounts the life of Paula (Natasha Jaramillo), a 22-year-old girl who knows her father's murderer and decides to take justice into her own hands.

The movie was filmed with non-professional actors for 36 days in the city of Medellin, where the father of the filmmaker was murdered in 2002.

'This is a film that invites the recognition of the other at a very relevant moment in our political history where we have to recognize ourselves,' said its director, whose debut has received multiple awards around the world in the last year.

The film Virus Tropical won the Macondo for Best Animation, Best Original Song for Adriana Garcia Galan and popularity; while Amazona was selected as Best Documentary and received two other awards: Best Original Music and Best Editing.

On the other hand, Amalia la Secretaria, directed by Andres Burgos, was the winner in the categories of Best Leading Actress for Marcela Benjumea, Best Lead Actor for Enrique Carriazo and Best Supporting Actress for Patricia Tamayo.

The film Sal won the categories of Best Direction of Photography for David Gallego, Best Costume and Best Art Direction for Marcela Gomez.

The annual gala of the Colombian Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences also awarded two prizes to the production Siete Cabezas: Best Makeup and Best Visual Effects.

The Macondo de Honor Prize was awarded to the actor Alvaro Rodriguez, for his long professional career in the seventh art.

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