Cuban Circus CirkaCuba Conquers Paris

Cuban Circus CirkaCuba Conquers Paris
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20 December 2016
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Paris, Dec 20 (Prensa Latina) The impressive technique of the circus mixed with the flavor of Cuban music and dances in the CirkaCuba show, has been a real success in Paris.

Alain Pacherie,the director of the show and founding president of the Phenix circus, where CirkaCuba will be performing until January 15th, 2017, before embarking on a tour of France, Switzerland and Belgium told Prensa Latina, 'This is a 100 percent Cuban sample, with 47 artists coming directly from the country. The idea is to show the quality of Cuba's circus, enriched by Cuban culture.'

For almost two hours, the audience is presented with impressive demonstrations by acrobats, who defy physical laws to make turns and pirouettes several meters above the ground.

According to Pacherie, CirkaCuba is a real success and more than 400,000 seats have already been sold.

The Le Parisien newspaper recently awarded the Estrella prize for the best circus of 2016 to CirkaCuba and highlighted an 'inventive', 'brilliant' show with 'incredible artists performing while dancing Cuban rhythms'.

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