Self-employed people will participate in Cuba´s Communist party Congress

Self-employed people will participate in Cuba´s Communist party Congress
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13 April 2016
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Humberto Simon Palomino, local resident of the eastern city of Manzanillo will propose a look at collective non state workers at the 7 th Cuban Communist Party Congress to run from April 16th to the 19th.

The 51 year old private worker has been renting his home since 1997 and told the Cuban News Agency that as a new process, the private sector requires improvement and analysis in the country´s most important meeting.

It is an emerging sector in the Cuban economy; there is not enough experience among the authorities and workers and the historic enemy of the Revolution has turned it into a priority in its subversive objectives, he said.

Simon Palomino stressed that this alternative type of work was created by the Revolutionary government to offer the population a different way of making a living and contributing to the country´s economic development without hurting the general interests of the people.

He added that what the country is now discussing is how to contribute more to society since the private sector has a closer tie with the community and ways to strengthen ideologically for example through trade unions, because not all private workers have joined a union.

The private worker characterized US President Barack Obama´s offers as negative objectives during his speech in Havana and affirmed that the majority of the Cuban workers are not dazzled with what he said.

This working alternative is part of the Revolution and among its goals is to help the progress of society contributing in sustaining unity among the population and their struggle for a better future, he said.

Simon Palomino added that he proud in representing the private sector and the people of the province of Granma in such an important event as the Cuban Communist Party Congress and highlighted the he was selected to represent the private workers in the first group of Party members of the sector in the province.

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