The Caribbean in Latin America, central theme of congress in Cuba

The Caribbean in Latin America, central theme of congress in Cuba
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7 October 2019
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The XIV edition of the Ibero-American Congress of Thought, to be held here from October 25 to 27, invites us to reflect on Caribbean cultural diversity among the countries of the region.

In the event, more than 200 delegates from Cuba, the United States, El Salvador, Italy, Mexico and Costa Rica will discuss multicuturality and its important connotations for Latin America.

Backbone of the Ibero-American Culture Festival, the space is divided into seven forums aimed at deepening social thinking, gender and sociodemographic studies, the Caribbean, artistic processes and archeology.

The Doctor of Science, Eduardo Ávila, director of the House of Ibero-America, explained that the meeting will seek to incorporate the cultural dimension to the economic and political scenario, to achieve a greater impact of the commitments on integration and cooperation.

He added that it is urgent to open spaces and carry out actions with the conviction that assuming unity and collaboration is vital to access better living standards, raise development rates and face the challenge of globalization.

Within the program of the meeting, the presentation of the José Manuel Guarch Delmonte Annual Research Prize, which recognizes studies related to historical, cultural, economic, political and other topics.

In addition, the books of the winners of the Guarch Delmonte Prize, the text 'Footprint and Hispanic Memory in Holguin', and the second issue of the Guayza magazine, dedicated to social studies and criticism, will be presented.

The Ibero-American Congress of Thought is held every year within the framework of the Ibero-American Culture Festival in the eastern city of Holguin, which is scheduled for October 24-30.

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