Diaz-Canel: Coup d'état against Venezuela Raises Awareness

Diaz-Canel: Coup d'état against Venezuela Raises Awareness
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26 January 2019
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel warned Saturday that the ongoing coup against Venezuela raises awareness about the impact of US interference.

'By orchestrating another coup d'état against Venezuela, the United States of the Monroe Doctrine, raise awareness. Our young people go to the archives and find a sad record of interventions and death, ' he wrote on his Twitter account.

Since the escalation in the anti-Venezuelan aggression, which led on January 23 to the self-proclamation of Juan Guaido as interim president and to his recognition by Washington and its allies, Diaz-Canel has insisted on the need to defend the Bolivarian Revolution and its leader, Nicolas Maduro.

On Friday, the Cuban Movement for Peace and the Sovereignty of the Peoples recalled in a statement the consequences of US aggression in Latin America and the Caribbean, such as those carried out against Panama (1989), the Dominican Republic (1965) and Grenada (1983).

Other peace advocacy organizations and activists in Cuba and the region also drew attention to the impact of the regime-led campaigns led by the White House in Iraq, Libya, and Syria, where the death toll is of hundreds of thousands.

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