Cuba's Cubanacan Group Exhibits in Spain Eastern Tourist Attractions

Cuba's Cubanacan Group Exhibits in Spain Eastern Tourist Attractions
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15 September 2018

Madrid, Sep 15 (Prnsa Latina) A pioneer in Cuba's tourism sector, Cubanacan Group exhibited in Spain, with an emphasis on the east of the island, its wide range of offers, backed by over 90 hotel facilities.

Considered one of the most prestigious tourist companies of Cuba, that entity presented in Madrid, hand in hand with the Embassy of Cuba in Spain, its new hotel proposals to revitalize the areas less frequented by hikers.

Cuba's Tourism Adviser Dulce Maria Sanchez stressed the importance of promoting knowledge and visits to Santiago de Cuba, because the mix of cultures that this city has makes it one of the most attractive and versatile destinations.

Her proposal was supported by the Director of Communication of the Cubanacan Group, Miguel Brugueras, who pointed out that the eastern region of Cuba is a growing area, which many hotel chains want to enter.

Without minimizing other poles such as Havana, Varadero or Pinar del Rio -in the west-, also with great presence of the group, Brugueras advocated to enhance the circuits in all the heritage sites of the east:.

We want to promote destinations such as Camagüey, Trinidad and Santiago in Spain, which is among the 10 markets with the highest turnover for us, said the executive.

He also referred to the strengthening of diving tourism in that region, taking into account that his entity has seven international immersion centers spread throughout the island.

He highlighted, in particular, Santa Lucia beaches, about 120 kilometers from the city of Camagüey, where one of the world's most important coral reefs is located, and Guardalavaca, a real paradise in the north coast of the eastern province of Holguin.

Undoubtedly, eastern Cuba is a unique area, with interesting combinations of culture, nature and beach tourism, he said.

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