«Without Any More Goodbyes», a Love that Became Songs

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«Without Any More Goodbyes», a Love that Became Songs
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14 February 2021

The love story of Gerardo and Adriana doesn’t need many explanations in Cuba, not even lastnames; We all breathe with them so many times during the years when an unfair imprisonment kept them apart, and more so when the miracle called Gema was worked and the hugs returned and more children were born and life, finally, was longer and happier than any goodbye.

Well now, that love has become songs. The phonogram Without Any More Goodbyes, by Waldo Mendoza and Alex Díaz, which will be presented on February 12th on digital platforms under EGREM record label, is inspired by this true story that, as expressed in the note released by the Cuban Institute of Music, "becomes a legend of women and men in the world, who immortalize their love, despite distance and time."

A year ago, CubaSí spoke with Waldo about this production. Back then he told us that they are “love letters with living beings, two people who inspired us a lot for many years because of their love, their dedication and their way of seeing love from a distance: they are Adriana and Gerardo. We were lucky that they revealed the letters to us and allowed us to take a peek into their personal life, and as a result we wrote songs; We didn't put music to the letters, but we wrote songs inspired on them.

«We thank Gerardo and Adriana for participating with us and providing us with this very personal matter, but which, in a way, all Cubans experience it from the spiritual point of view; that love, we all suffer and also enjoy, so we wanted to immortalize their union through music ».

The album is already a reality and comprises various musical genres, from the ballad, vallenato music, and reggae. Its creators and producers consider it an "manifest proof that love and music, when found in the soul, all impossible things become possible."

Translated by: Amilkal Labañino Valdés / Cubasi Translation Staff

As guest artists in the album appear Luna Manzanares, Israel Rojas, Polito Ibáñez, César López, Irving Fontela, Yasbell Rodríguez, Víctor González, among others. The cover art, back cover and inside brochure was in charge of the artist Adrián Cuba.

The producers promise that their proposal, seems attractive: a material where poetry and music collide to accompany - rather defend - "the irreversible harmony of love and utopia."

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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