What an amazing performance by our wrestlers in San Salvador!

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What an amazing performance by our wrestlers in San Salvador!
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5 July 2023

Since the Greco-Roman wrestling was first listed in Central American and Caribbean Games until the games held in Maracaibo in 1998, Cuba had always swept all the gold medals. From then on, there was no swept anymore as some gold medals slipped away from the Cuban delegation.

We were really close in the last Central American Games. But this time, our wrestling delegation did achieve it! Many of our gladiators were favorites taking into account their track record, such as Tokyo 2020 Olympic champion in 60 kilograms, Luis Orta, who crowned here in his new division of 67kg, Yosvany Peña (77kg), Daniel Gregorich (87kg) and Oscar Pino (130kg), the last two with good previous performances, including the World Championships. But the rest of the team —young Kevin de Armas (60kg) and Gabriel Rosillo (97kg) had to fight hard to win their golds.

Kevin came from behind and beat the Mexican Samuel Gurría 4-3. Rosillo’s combat was more complicated. He had to go all in to beat Dominican Carlos Adames, whom he defeated by pinning when it seemed the gold medal would slip away from him.

Women performed close to perfection. Five out of six possible gold medals were achieved. Women only lost one combat, but ultimately Milaimys Marin earned the bronze medal.

Marín, champion of this year's Pan-American tournament in the highest division (76kg), lost 2-4 in the semifinals against Colombian Tatiana Rentería, who earned the only gold medal not won by Cuban wrestlers.

Spectacular was the gold medal combat by Laura Herín (53kg), after getting a valid action with seconds left against Mexican Karla Acosta to win 7-4.

Yusneylis Guzmán (50kg), Ángela Caridad Álvarez (57kg), María Santana (62kg) and Hangelen Llanes (68kg) also won the title and showed excellent stamina while looking superior in the final stages of each fight.

Finally, the men's freestyle won all gold medals but two, 74kg and 125kg.

Franklin Marén, who came to defend the title achieved five years ago, lost in the semifinals 1-2 with the Venezuelan Antonio Montero, in a fight that we could not see and therefore, we prefer not to comment. In theory, the Caribbean was the favorite.

The other crown went to the also Venezuelan José Díaz, who was the main favorite in the category thanks to his silver medal at the Pan American Games in Lima 2019, and his extensive experience.

Ibrahim Torres earned his bronze medal here. Hence, all Cuban athletes won medals and won 15 out of 18 possible gold medals, something extraordinary.

The bar is set high for the rest of the sports disciplines. In quantity, only track and field can equal or surpass them because they are more event to compete, but I doubt effectiveness could match that of Cuban wrestling.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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