Laundering money for subversion

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Laundering money for subversion
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19 June 2020

Something that has taught Cubans to recognize divisive and subversive maneuvers, a key component of hostile U.S. policy toward Cuba, is the shameless way they use, and discard, individuals, whenever it serves their purpose - be it a specific person or a council of several, who take the lead on the ground in their unrelenting attacks.

The best attributes of this "cannon fodder" can usually be found among common criminals or paid traitors, who, as long as they are useful, enjoy a few minutes of fame. High-ranking officials in the imperialist government identify them by name, flatter them, sing their praises, and even award them honors that include a certificate and some hard cash.

But there are times when, given the questionable character of those chosen for the spotlight at the moment, it is surprising just how low these high stakes betters can go, including the State Department itself, supported by well-dressed figures like Senators Marco Rubio and Bob Menéndez.

In this long history of "pick and drop," the most recent scam involves pushing a recently unmasked criminal into the public arena: José Daniel Ferrer. Yes, the one who provoked grim laughter as he pounded his head against a table, to fabricate some “evidence” of mistreatment, the one who - with a knife in his hand - instructed several hooded men. Ferrer was recently granted a little medal bearing the revealing name, the Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom Award, which should give us an idea of what this is about.

Judging by the history of innumerable awards, scholarships, programs, distinctions granted to certain individuals well-known for their sordid backgrounds, it is easy to see that this is, once again, another attempt to justify the millions of taxpayers’ dollars that the United States government continues to stubbornly use to fill the pockets not of the mercenaries they hire, but of those who recruit them from afar.

This little medallion is meant to launder, to pretty up, the millions spent to subvert the Cuban Revolution; money that flows into the coffers of dozens of organizations in the U.S. and serves as a cover for the CIA’s work.

It has been shown that only a small portion of these funds reach the hands of mercenary groups themselves, and that the real "jackpot" is held by the proprietors of this counterrevolutionary business, who year after year live off government allocations; a gold mine they justify with the crumbs they throw to individuals like Ferrer and company.


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