Gaza Leads in Global Cancer Cases Caused by Israeli Use of Banned Weapons

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Gaza Leads in Global Cancer Cases Caused by Israeli Use of Banned Weapons
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12 July 2016
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Alwaght- The Gaza Strip has the highest statistics of cancer in the world following use of banned weapons by the Israeli regime, a Palestinian medical association has revealed.

According to the Medical Committee of the Palestinian Society of Independent Personalities, the Israeli regime has been using internationally banned weapons on Palestinians in Gaza during its deadly wars against the besieged territory.

According to Palestinian media, every month there are nearly 80 to 90 new cases of cancer being reported at Shifaa Medical center in Gaza. According to the Palestinian health ministry, there are 15,000 cancer patients in Gaza, implying that in every 1000 people in Gaza 8 people are suffering from this life threatening condition.

According to projections, there will be an increase of 10-12 percent increase in cancer cases.

During its wars on Gaza, the Israeli regime fired shells containing white phosphorus, which causes horrific burns when it comes into contact with skin. Under international law, phosphorus is allowed as a smokescreen to protect soldiers but treated as a chemical weapon when used against civilians.

“We have seen Gaza used as a laboratory for testing what I call weapons from hell,” said David Halpin, a retired British surgeon and trauma specialist, who has visited Gaza on several occasions to investigate unusual injuries suffered by Gazans.

“I fear the thinking in ‘Israel’ is that it is in its interests to create as much mutilation as possible to terrorise the civilian population in the hope they will turn against Hamas.”

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