Venezuela Denounces Terrorist Attack Against Cantv, Movilnet Telecom Warehouse

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Venezuela Denounces Terrorist Attack Against Cantv, Movilnet Telecom Warehouse
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9 February 2020
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The Venezuelan government denounced Sunday a terrorist attack on a warehouse of the National Telephone Company of Venezuela (Cantv) and its affiliate Movilnet in the northern state of Carabobo, causing total loss of strategic telecommunications equipment.

Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez informed that the attack was perpetrated on Saturday night in the Flor Amarillo sector of Valencia, Carabobo state, causing a fire in the warehouse.

"Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the immediate return of this indispensable material and the capture of those responsible!" she added.

The tweet was accompanied by three photographs showing the installations on fire, composed of seven buildings and located in the industrial area of the city.

For its part, Cantv reiterated this Sunday its commitment to guarantee the necessary actions and thus ensure the telecommunications of all Venezuelans.

Rodriguez went on to say that workers from both companies will present a recovery plan to the head of state in the face of violent waves of extremism pushed by the United States-backed opposition.

“We reject the terrorist attack against the telecommunications services of Venezuela. Attacking Cantv and Movilnet is a war operation against our people,” Venezuela’s Minister of Popular Power for Science and Technology Gabriela Jimenez said.

Venezuela’s government has denounced on various occasions failed terrorist plots by the U.S.-led opposition to disrupt services or create chaos. The most prominent in 2019 was the continuous attacks between March and July to the country’s power grid, creating massive blackouts across the territory.

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