A vast majority of Chileans rejects President Piñera

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A vast majority of Chileans rejects President Piñera
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20 January 2020
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A widespread rejection, even in the least expected sectors, rejects Chile's President Sebastian Piñera, who barely has six percent support according to polls.

On Saturday, on the third night of the Huaso festival in Olmue city, in the Valparaiso region, loud shouts against the president demanding his resignation chanted thousands in the event, before and during the presentation of the popular group Los Jaivas.

In addition to the recurring motto 'Piñera resigns,' those present in the amphitheater of El Patagual chanted 'the united people will never be defeated' and 'Assassin' referring to the president, according to videos and photos on social networks.

Likewise, numerous posters with social claims and Mapuche flags could be seen among the public.

The slogans were redoubled after the musician Claudio Parra, on introducing Los Jaivas, dedicated the performance to the memory of the victims reported following the social outbreak of October 18, 2019, adding over 20 deaths and over 3,600 injured.

Something similar happened in the southern city of Temuco, when thousands of fans, attending a Chile Cup match between the Catholic University and Colo Colo soccer teams, voiced mottos against Piñera.

It is noteworthy that in the massive protests being held every week in the central Plaza Baquedano of this capital, baptized by protesters as Plaza de la Dignidad (Square of Dignity), the flags of the main football clubs in the country are always present.

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