Venezuelan foreign minister affirms Latin America in constant siege from U.S. imperialism

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Venezuelan foreign minister affirms Latin America in constant siege from U.S. imperialism
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19 January 2020
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Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has warned that the United States maintains a permanent siege against Latin America and the Caribbean because it wants to seize its natural resources and implement governments that respond to its domination interests.

“The region is a constant target of attempted coups, destabilization, terrorism, communicational war, economic, commercial and banking blockade,” the diplomat told reporters.  The comments were made during his meeting with his Asian counterpart Wang Yi, as the need to chart the route for the execution of the XVII China-Venezuela High-Level Joint Commission to be held this 2020 in Caracas was addressed.

Arreaza illustrated his position with what has taken place in Bolivia and his own country since 2019 after the White House convinced several governments to recognize the lawmaker Juan Guaido and supported violent acts to depose constitutional President Nicolas Maduro.

Another attack, which the diplomat deplored, is the unilateral sanctions and coercive measures such as the economic and diplomatic blockade, which has prevented the imports of basic products and the development of the main economic sectors.

However, Venezuela already shows signs of gradual recovery as the government has been working on alternatives to boost its foreign trade with Russia, Turkey, and China.

"We enjoy an unwavering alliance that will adapt to circumstances and aggressions.  We are sure that with the support of China, Maduro will be able to boost productive sectors and recover the economy of the savage and criminal aggression to which it has been subject in recent years," he said.

Arreaza added that the comprehensive strategic alliance with the Asian giant will diversify economic cooperation and make efforts so that Chinese investments are immediately translated into housing, increased oil production, and social welfare.

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