Chilean President's Disapproval Rating Jumps to 79 Percent

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Chilean President's Disapproval Rating Jumps to 79 Percent
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16 December 2019
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The survey also indicated that 78 percent reject the management of the ministerial cabinet, since, in their opinion, they are not responding to social demands.

A recent survey revealed that the disapproval of the management of President Sebastián Piñera  increased to 79 percent, two points more than the previous week.

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While support for the Chilean President did not manage to lower or rise, it remained at 13 percent, despite the fact that Piñera focused on a constitutional accusation for human rights violations in the social protests that have occurred in the South American country.

Meanwhile, the Chilean President's Cabinet administration obtained the rejection results, only 15 percent support the decisions and 78 percent disapprove of the team's management.

In addition, the survey also indicated that the government should devote greater efforts to solving the situation with pensions, health, employment, salaries and cost of living.

The exploration was carried out within the framework of the measures announced by the Chilean President last week, which were intended to alleviate the dissatisfaction of citizens with the neoliberal policies that exist in the country.

Before the social protests, the disapproval of Sebastián Piñera was 53 percent but after October 18 it has been increasing since the president does not respond to the demands demanded by Chileans day by day.


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