López Obrador details advances in first year of his mandate

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López Obrador details advances in first year of his mandate
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1 December 2019
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The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, recounted achievements of his administration in the first year that is marked today, in a crowded Zócalo that acclaimed him warmly.

Already on the big stage in front of the main gate of the National Palace and under a thunderous acclamation with slogans such as 'it is an honor to be with Obrador,' or 'Amlo, you are not alone,' he began reading his huge report of achievements of the IV Transformation of the National Life of Mexico.

The president tried to cover what his government has done in just 12 months, starting with the numerous substantial reforms to the Constitution, which allowed him to ensure there have been so many and so deep that Mexico has in fact a new Magna Carta, without shocks or violence, in peace.

The transformation of national life is in sight, he said, and the neoliberal system is left behind because now the reforms are intended to guarantee the development of the country and the well-being of the people.

Among the numerous reforms he listed the laws to fight corruption, the law of republican austerity, the extinction of the domain to recover and return the stolen people to the people, the reform to prohibit the return of taxes, classifying the fuel theft, evasion Prosecutor and electoral fraud as serious crimes.

He added the elimination of the jurisdiction to the president so that he can be put to trial for any crime, the revocation of the mandate, the popular consultation, the new labor law that guarantees the secret and direct free vote in the unions.

In addition, the health law to guarantee all Mexicans free medical care and medicines, the cancellation of the so-called educational reform and the creation of a new one, as well as the reform that allows the creation of the National Guard and giving the army and navy tasks of public safety.

A reform to raise the right to pensions for the elderly and people with disabilities and scholarships to poor students at all levels of education is in Congress.

He cited as a great success the application of the formula to end corruption and reduce the cost of government allowances to finance the budget without increasing taxes, without increasing fuel prices and without putting the country in debt.

On the other hand, López Obrador claimed the sovereign right of Mexico to practice asylum in accordance with international law, to the legal and constitutional precepts of the nation.

The president briefly referred to the traditional free and independent foreign policy of Mexico and stepped out to those who criticized the granting of asylum to former Bolivian president Evo Morales, victim of a coup d'etat.

After uttering words of praise to Morales and his plurinational government, López Obrador said that Evo 'is not only our brother, but also worthily represents the people of Bolivia and especially the indigenous people, which means a double commitment.'

He asked the whole world to listen loud and clear: Evo Morales was the victim of a coup d'etat and from Mexico, for the whole world, we want democracy, and he repeated 'democracy yes, militarism no'.

Regarding the United States, with which it shares a long border of more than three thousand kilometers in length, he insisted that his government defends the more than 36 million Mexicans living there, although with all due respect to the laws of that country.

He explained there is a radical change in immigration policy so that no Mexican is ever forced to leave the place where he was born because of poverty and insecurity.

He said his administration tries to involve the United States and Central America in economic recovery mechanisms so that all people can work, study, have health, be happy, so they do not emigrate.

In the final part, after greeting the presence in the act of former president of Uruguay José Mujica, López Obrador recalled that a year ago in that same scenario he committed himself to 100 actions in favor of the people, of which he already accomplished 89 and only rest 11 that are in the process of execution.

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