U.S. funds Venezuela's Juan Guaido with millions of dollars

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U.S. funds Venezuela's Juan Guaido with millions of dollars
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11 October 2019
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Washington, October 11 (RHC)-- The U.S. government has pledged 98 million in funding to the Venezuelan opposition, claiming that the funds will be invested to support civil society, human rights organizations and independent media.

Based on U.S. Agency for International Development reports, this fresh funding comes in addition to the 470 million already granted to the so-called humanitarian aid that Washington has handed over to Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Opposition figures say the U.S. economic cooperation is strategic for Maduro's removal from power.  However, Venezuelan officials think otherwise.  Experts say that the Venezuelan Constitution prohibits politicians to receive money from foreign nations.

The Venezuelan people also condemn Washington’s unflinching support for the Venezuelan opposition.   As the U.S. offers hundreds of millions of dollars in fund to the opposition leaders, it's widely believed that Guaido and his associates are enjoying huge profits while making false promises to the Venezuelans.

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