Venezuela collects signatures against US blockade in national squares

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Venezuela collects signatures against US blockade in national squares
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15 September 2019
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Collection of signatures in rejection of the US blockade against Venezuela continues this Saturday in all the squares of the country, almost at the end of the global campaign 'No More Trump'.

Until Sunday, Venezuelans will stamp their rubrics to repudiate Washington's coercive measures, which generate multi million losses, as well as hurdles for acquiring medical supplies and food to meet the needs of the South American nation.

President Nicolas Maduro stated in Twitter over 80 percent of Venezuelans have expressed their rejection of the US hostility. The Government is hoping to collect over 13 million rubrics.

Last Thursday, the Venezuelan president informed that the figure of 12 million signatures collected was reached in the country. 'Venezuelans say no more blockade, no more sanctions, no more aggression of the empire,' he expressed.

In this regard, he announced that Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza will attend the session of the UN General Assembly, in New York (the US) on September 17, to deliver to the Secretary General Antonio Guterres the document 'with the truth of the Bolivarian Republic'.

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