No More Trump Campaign reaches 11 million Signatures in Venezuela

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No More Trump Campaign reaches 11 million Signatures in Venezuela
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10 September 2019
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Caracas, Sep 10 (Prensa Latina) The 'No more Trump' global campaign, in repudiation of the US-imposed blockade against Venezuela, has gathered 11 million signatures in this South American nation, President Nicolas Maduro reported.

During a meeting of the National Defense Council held on Monday, the head of State noted that the Venezuelan people had signed in rejection of Washington's coercive measures, which generate millions in losses, as well as difficulties in purchasing medical supplies and food to meet the needs of the nation.

In early August, through an executive decree, the Trump administration approved new restrictions against the Bolivarian Republic, ordering the freezing of all Venezuelan assets in the US, as well as banning commercial and financial transactions.

In response to this new onslaught, a global campaign to collect signatures has been carried out since August 10. The letter of condemnation and accompanying signatures will be handed over to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who is urged to speak against the US government sanctions.

With a walk and bike ride, Venezuelans expressed their rejection of the executive order signed by the US president and assured they would not allow this imperialist offensive to cut short the process of freedom achieved until now.

Social and political movements from several countries have joined the campaign, which will conclude September 10.

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