Huawei dominates global race to 5G despite pressure from Washington

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Huawei dominates global race to 5G despite pressure from Washington
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25 June 2019
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Chinese telecom giant Huawei has secured 50 5G contracts outside the domestic market, according to the company’s senior executive Ding Yun.

That’s an almost 50 percent gain from the number of contracts reported in February, the executive told a summit on Tuesday ahead of the launch of MWC19 Shanghai (the largest industry annual event in Asia).

“Huawei has been doing fine, we have to make sure the continuity of our business, not by relying on inventory, but by investing in our core technologies ranging from chipsets to modules to the operating system,” Ding said as quoted by the Global Times newspaper.

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He added that, “Currently, two-thirds of global existing 5G networks are powered by Huawei technologies.”

The company has just helped to launch the 5G commercial network in Saudi Arabia, Huawei’s exec said.

The Shenzhen-based firm has been accused by the United States of spying for the Chinese government. It was barred from doing business with American companies which supply Huawei with necessary parts and technology.

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Since last year, the Trump administration has been pressing allies to ban Huawei from 5G rollouts. Some countries like Australia and Japan have barred Huawei, while others, including India, are yet to take a decision on whether to permit its 5G rollouts. The UK and Spain have already launched 5G commercial networks empowered by Huawei base stations.

Last year, the world’s leading telecommunications solution provider Huawei made the world's first 5G call and launched the first 5G terminal device.

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