Suicide in Black Youth and Teenagers in Brazil more than in Whites

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Suicide in Black Youth and Teenagers in Brazil more than in Whites
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23 May 2019
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Brasilia, May 23 (Prensa Latina) Black youth and adolescents in Brazil are more likely to commit suicide nowadays than whites, according to a study by the Ministry of Health, reported by the news portal G1.

The rate in the 10-29 age group in 2016 was 45 percent higher among blacks and browns than whites. That number is even higher among men in the same age group (50 percent), according to data from the report entitled 'Suicide deaths among black adolescents and youths.

Suicide mortality rates among white teens and young people remained stable from 2012 to 2016, while the black population increased by 12 percent.

For every 10 suicides among people in that age group, six were among blacks.

In women, in 2012, every 100 suicides in white female adolescents and youth, 123 happened among blacks.

According to the report, black men in the 10-19 age group are the most vulnerable group.

The suicide risk for them was 67 percent higher than among white male adolescents.

Dr. Rita Helena Borret told G1 that these suicide risk rates among young blacks are related to structural racism, which causes more suffering and illness for these young people and adolescents than for whites of the same age.

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