Latin America Supports Chinese Anti-Poverty Initiative

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Latin America Supports Chinese Anti-Poverty Initiative
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21 October 2018
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Beijing, Oct 21 (Prensa Latina) Latin American countries participated today with its art, culture and traditions in an international bazaar held each year with the purpose of supporting China's struggle against poverty, top priority of the government.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations again summoned this event 'Love knows no barriers' to embassies of almost one hundred countries accredited here to collect funds that will help support social improvement projects in impoverished zones of the Asian giant. A downtown stadium of Beijing hosted a varied and colorful exhibition of the most identifying elements of the states present at the venue, to which were also added national and foreign organizations.

For Latin America participated nations such as Cuba,

Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Panama, and the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, approached the stands to salute their attendance to the event.

In each stand was a promotion of music, cuisine, iconioc places, clothes and other typical manifestations of the identities of the region.

Panamanian ambassador, Francisco Escobar, told Prensa Latina that his country participates for the second consecutive time, after establishing diplomatic relations with China in June, 2017.

He commented on the health and infrastructure projects presented at the beginning the most needed sectors and considered i tan honor for Panama being one of the territories contributing efforts here against poverty.

'We will continue doing this year after year, because it is always our interests to participate in these events, supporting peoples and tightening diplomatic relations between both countries', added Escobar.

To the fair attended thousands of persons since early morning under the slogan 'Love knows no boundaries'.

The fair was held for the first time in 2009 and since then, the Foreign Ministry and the Charity Federation of China achieved to gather many forces to this action of solidarity aimed to improving living conditions of thousands of persons.

China celebrates the National Day of Alleviation of Poverty every October 17 since 2013, when the government applied an ambitious plan to conclude in 2020, with the construction of a moderately prosperous society, and for all citizens could live in a dignified manner.

Over the last five years, the campaign has benefitted 68.53 million inhabitants of low income in the rural zones, that is, a descent from 10.2 to 3.1 percent the national rate of this population segment.

There are still 30.46 million Chinese with low living standards and 10 million of them are expected to prosper this year.

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