Russia Points to Cuba as Victim of US Biological Attacks

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Russia Points to Cuba as Victim of US Biological Attacks
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11 October 2018
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The Russian Foreign Ministry presented today the case of Cuba as an example of attack with biological weapons by the United States, referring to the possible preparation of such weapons in a Pentagon laboratory in the state of Georgia.

Recalling the Cuban case, Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman Maria Zajarova commented on the development by the Pentagon at a US laboratory outside Tiflis of insects for agricultural purposes.

In 1978, Cuba denounced the use by the United States of an airplane that irrigated plantations in the island with the sugar cane Rust to cause damages in those crops, emphasized the spokeswoman.

The diplomat referred to the epidemic that forced the elimination of all the Barbados 4326 cane fields, one of the most efficient in the sugarcane industry at the time.

The United States used the African Swine Fever virus in 1971, which led to the slaughter of 740,000 pigs, while the Blue Moho, which get to Cuba in tobacco capping fabric imported from the northern country, damaged 85 percent of the harvest.

Zajarova recalled that these cases were brought before international organizations, in which Washington blocked the investigation.

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman highlighted the emergence of more and more evidence of how the US government develops in the Georgian laboratory biological substances and agents, including insects, with no peaceful ends.

In fact, proposals arise to analyze if what was prepared in the aforementioned facility is in accordance with the limitations for the production of toxic weapons, as stipulated in the Convention for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, she commented.

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