Transportation Price Increases in Buenos Aires

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Transportation Price Increases in Buenos Aires
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15 August 2018
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Buenos Aires, Aug 15 (Prensa Latina) The rise in bus and train price in Buenos Aires announced by the government began to prevail today in the first of three monthly increases.

While the cost of the so-called buses increased one peso more and accumulates at least 11 pesos, the trains also increases in several branches that connect with the so-called Buenos Aires metropolitan region such as Miter, San Martin, Belgrano Sur and Urquiza.

According to several local media reports, since the transportation rate began in February and until October, when it will be completed, this service will have accumulated price rise of 116 percent for buses and up to 175 percent for trains.

With the new rise since early today, the bus ticket that cost between 10 and 10.75 pesos (about 35 cents) will now reach 11.75 (about 40 cents).

The Ministry of Transportation does not rule out further increases and justified the decision to increase costs boosted by devaluation, fuel prices and the need to reduce public spending.

Two increases of more than one peso per month will come into effect in September and October.

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