Mexican Gov't Investigates, Suspends Damojh Airlines

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Mexican Gov't Investigates, Suspends Damojh Airlines
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23 May 2018
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The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) initiated an investigation into Global Air, registered under the corporate name of Damojh Airlines, and suspended its activities as a result of the aviation accident in Havana.

'Derived from the unfortunate accident that occurred on May 18, the company Damojh Airlines was notified of the start of a major extraordinary verification, which meets the objectives of verifying that the current operating conditions comply with the regulations,' the federal dependency issued last night in a statement.

The SCT said it intends to collect information to help with the investigation of the unfortunate event.

'In the same way, the company is being notified of the temporary suspension of activities while the verification is being carried out,' it stated.

The Ministry explained that this decision was taken given the events and despite the fact that the company has been subject to annual verifications, most recently in November 2017; their aircraft have renewed their airworthiness certificates every two years and the last ones were granted in August and October 2017.

It recalled that by virtue of the incident that occurred on November 4, 2010, in which an aircraft of the company carried out an emergency landing in Puerto Vallarta due to a failure of the nose landing gear, the company Damohj Airlines was subjected to an extraordinary verification.

As a result of this, a suspension of operations was applied from November 11 to December 18, 2010, lifted upon being accredited that they resolved the observations made.

Similarly, as a result of the complaint filed by Captain Marco Aurelio Hernandez in October 2013, a greater extraordinary verification was carried out from November 4 to 8 of that year and one of the aircraft was suspended until the documentation was presented to meet the verification requirements, which took place on January 10, 2014.

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