Evo Morales Identifies Four Key Sectors for Bolivian Economy

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Evo Morales Identifies Four Key Sectors for Bolivian Economy
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31 January 2018
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President Evo Morales identified the hydrocarbons, mining, energy and agricultural sectors as fundamental to sustain Bolivia''s economic growth, local media reported today.

In an event to inaugurate social works in the municipality of Pazña, in the department of Oruro, the president said that in order to fulfill the postulates of the 2025 Patriotic Agenda, 'we would like the national economy to have four legs like a table.'

As the first pillar, Morales highlighted the hydrocarbons, a nationalized natural resource that has allowed a substantial growth of the economy through exports of natural gas and the process of industrialization.

In the latter, the implementation of the country's first petrochemical complex stands out, in addition to the urea and ammonia plants and the production of liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas, among other derivatives.

The Bolivian president pointed to mining as the second economic support, which has experienced a significant recovery during the past two years, thanks to the improvement of international prices.

He also highlighted electricity as the third fundamental pillar, given that the nation has among its objectives to establish itself as an energy heart of South America, especially after the increase in power generation with the implementation of renewable sources.

In this section, it is valid to stress that the country is immersed in the exploitation and industrialization of lithium deposits for the manufacture and export of batteries.

Finally, Morales identified the agricultural sector as the fourth most important sector that, after meeting the domestic demands, will also be one of the essential items for export.

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