Cuba Reaffirms Support for Palestine and Rejects Trump's Measures

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Cuba Reaffirms Support for Palestine and Rejects Trump's Measures
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22 December 2017
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Cuba's permanent representative to the UN, Anayansi Rodríguez, reaffirmed today the Caribbean nation''s support for the Palestinian cause and rejected United States unilateral measures regarding Jerusalem.

Cuba's position in this regard is firm and has been expressed by the island's Ministry of Foreign Affairs when it reiterated its deep concern and condemnation of the declaration by the US president to name Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the Ambassador stressed.

Such a unilateral measure constitutes a flagrant violation of the United Nations Charter and international law, she added.

Washington's intention to change the historic status of Jerusalem violates the rights of the Palestinian people and of all Islamic nations, Rodriguez said.

Likewise, she added, this measure can increase tensions in the region and prevent any effort aimed at resuming the peace talks between Israel and Palestine.

Cuba calls on the Security Council to adopt the necessary decisions and to demand of Israel the immediate end of the occupation of the Palestinian territories, of their aggressive policies and their colonizing practices, the ambassador said.

In the same way, she supported a lasting two-state solution to the conflict, respecting 1967 borders and with Jerusalem as its capital.

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