Lavrov Rules Out Isolation of Russia Before US Aggressiveness

Lavrov Rules Out Isolation of Russia Before US Aggressiveness
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4 February 2016
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Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said today that it is impossible to isolate Russia or reduce its global influence to regional, answering the call of US government officials, who insist on stopping the alleged ''Russian threat''.

He said in an interview with the Italian magazine Limes that it is no coincidence that along with the aggressive rhetoric against Moscow, the Obama administration continued the dialogue with the Russian authorities on a number of key issues.

The chief diplomat of the Kremlin stressed that Washington was always the initiator of the dialogue, with calls for help to the Kremlin on many issues.

Lavrov said that Russia always offered Washington to develop bilateral relations on the basis of a fair partnership, without impositions or coercion.

He stressed that when the United States began to limit cooperation long before the crisis in Ukraine, which they present as a pretext for that attitude, Russia warned that this policy is a dead end.

Recently, Ashton Carter, US Secretary of Defense, urged the Congress to quadruple the budget of the US Armed Forces in Europe to increase its presence in the so-called Old Continent, and counter what he called the 'threat' from Moscow.

Experts in military topics Ruslan Pukhov and Igor Korotchenko considered that in response Russia might deploy near its western border Iskander-M high-precision surface-to-surface missile systems, and anti-aircraft S-400.

Korotchenko said to the analytical site Rubaltic that after the analysis carried out the General Staff appropriate response measures will be taken, among which may include the deployment of a contingent of additional troops in the westernmost end of Russia, the enclave of Kaliningrad, and in the northwest end of the Federation.

Noting that the decision to base several new divisions in the enclave has been already taken, Korotchenko said that simultaneously, Iskander tactical missiles systems there will be deployed, which, with their range of about 500 kilometers, will be a guarantee against any possible imbalance of forces in the zone.

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