Mario Vargas Llosa: The Perfect Pamphleteer

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Mario Vargas Llosa: The Perfect Pamphleteer
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13 December 2019
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Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize in Literature, is the perfect example of how fame can pave the way to human stupidity.

While launching his latest novel “Tiempos recios” in a tour, the also spokesman of neoliberalism has left behind a trail of controversial of analysis on Latin America’s reality.

During the “keynote” speech he gave in Mexico, he said —referring to AMLO’s current government: “I am very much afraid that this government is gradually making Mexico worse.”

“It started to find a way out of this perfect dictatorship — luckily it was not that perfect, it was pretty much flawed — (but) I am pretty much afraid that populism seems to be the ideology of the current president of Mexico, who may lead us again to a perfect or flawed dictatorship, but dictatorship after all,” he added.

Such “prophecy” in reference to an administration that has been barely one year in office, was duly refuted by the President’s wife, Beatriz Gutierrez Muller, who stated in her Facebook profile:

“I have noted with concern some Nobel Prizes in Literature. I am pretty much afraid that bigotry and dogmatism, which are the pattern to follow by some, may lead us again to the perfect propagandist.”

However, the presumed “connoisseur” of international politics, used to making an exhibition of himself, continued his promotional tour in the International Book Fair where he showed, once again, that having talent to create fiction is pretty different from reality.

At the Miami Book Fair, Vargas Llosa pointed out that there is no extreme poverty in Chile. Such statement was disproved by AFP news agency itself.

“Chile is the country with the highest progress in Latin America (…) There is no extreme poverty. It is, perhaps, the only nation in Latin America without extreme poverty,” stated in reference to the protests that began last October 18th. And then added: “We saw in Chile a role model to emerge from underdevelopment. No Cuba, nor Venezuela, nor Nicaragua; but Chile.”

In other words, according to “the writer” the endless protests triggered in Chile are a sort of sports, and people riot because they are bored. And they have nothing better to do than going out there to be targets and thus risk to lose both of their eyes at the hands of guards, and not the failure of the neoliberal model that the US wanted to install in the nation.

Moreover, in an interview granted last week to the illegal station Radio TV Martí — financed by the US government —, after acknowledging he was disturbed with the Chilean situation, the perfect pamphleteer highlighted: “Just as Chile has surprised us, I strongly believe Cuba is going to surprise us anytime soon.”

In his own words, he said that “the Cuban people have unfortunately suffered from a terrible regime for 60 years,” the “roots” in favor of freedom and democracy in that country have not been uprooted.”

Apparently, Vargas Llosa, shut down in his own fiction tower, forgot that the demands claimed by the Chilean people: right to healthcare, free education, social security and equality, were already met by the Cuban people in the surprising January 1st, 1959, which were afterwards ratified after the collapse of Socialism in Eastern Europe, against all odds and other predictions made by men like Vargas Llosa, Openheimer, Montaneres, and Walter Mercado.

A propos of Cuban surprises, none of them is bigger than the one involving the director of Casa de las Americas back then, Haydee Santamaría, when she sent Alejo Carpentier to meet him and request the profits he earned in the Romulo Gallegos Prize — he won the prize thanks to his novel La Casa Verde — to support the guerrilla of Che Guevara in Bolivia.

He was so surprised that all of a sudden, the former left-wing supporter rather turned into the perfect pamphleteer of the right-wing faction he is today.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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