Bolivia’s Case: Toast with champagne in Washington

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Bolivia’s Case: Toast with champagne in Washington
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12 November 2019
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The coup carried out against Bolivia demonstrates how far the CIA and its chiefs can go to prevail.

Once again they used that dirty word known as OAS (Organization of American States) on the basis of their machinations.

Having given it prominence again despite its rotten record was a serious mistake.

Now it fulfilled instructions from the United States ensuring that there was fraud in the recent Bolivian elections.

Pretty different from that 2006 when, for example, there was a fraud to steal the electoral victory of Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Did Washington or its OAS say anything about it? Not even one syllable.

That regional organization lent its flag to lead invasions to Latin American territories, like the Dominican Republic.

OAS’s inherent and now corroborated feature? To maintain absolute silence before the dirty tricks of United States.

The disgusting chapter written in Bolivia has had an outstanding actor who’s never shown a single atom of honor, the CIA.

Perhaps, it shouldn’t have been invited, but now, it’s more important to review other atrocities committed there.

Like, for example, that an opposition sector has developed into a kind of neo-Nazi pack.

Under such a characteristic, they have burnt the homes of government officials, dragged others through the streets and threatened their families.

Faced with this, without showing a single specific evidence, they disclose the most aberrant accusations against Evo Morales and his collaborators.

And everything to make the show imposed on Bolivia more attractive, amid an unbelievable religiosity for real religious people.

In short, the dark night that, for the time being, seizes that noble, suffered and hard-working Andean nation.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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