Minister of Economy: There is no crisis situation

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Minister of Economy: There is no crisis situation
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15 September 2019
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The Minister of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil Fernandez, went deeply into the regulations that have been implemented in this sector while appearing in the second information TV program Mesa Redonda, which dealt with the temporary oil shortage our nation is now facing.

He recalled that the strategies to face the current energy situation include two phases: the first ends tomorrow September 14; the other starts with the supertanker’s arrival and extends until the end of the month.

Each activity will be somehow affected. But the country will continue its routine. Priorities have been set but “there is no critical situation,” as major service will be provided, nonetheless.

While referring to activities within our economy that will be affected, he mentioned the steel, cement production as well as the winter sowing season.

“Generally speaking, nothing is being improvised. Everything is guaranteed with the diesel we already have. In the coming days, a new supply of oil will arrive to the nation and it will ease the situation,” he stated.

On the rumors about the length of the current situation and the possibility of going into a new Special Period in time of peace, the Minister categorically denied it. But explanations are certainly necessary.

He also pointed out that new critical situations may emerge in the future, but the days of shortage experienced in the Special Period will never come again. The GDP fell more than 30% in the 1990s and Cuba lost more than 80% of its foreign trade. Our economy is now more diversified in both imports and exports.

“Our goal is not to find excuses, but solutions,” Gil Fernandez asserted.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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