Gabriel Rosillo: The classical roller of invaluable talent

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Gabriel Rosillo: The classical roller of invaluable talent
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22 August 2019
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It’s extremely difficult for an elite wrestler to go unbeaten along a year, to win three continental titles and one World Junior Championship. All that becomes more complex if the athlete lacks top-level experience since he’s only 20 years old.

Apparently, Gabriel Rosillo (January 4, 1999) mocks at those things because barely aged 20, his peers from America surrendered at his feet three times (continental junior and senior championships, in addition to Lima 2019 Pan American Games), and if that weren’t enough he unceremoniously won Tallinn Open Junior Wrestling Tournament, by scoring 34 points and allowing only one from his opponents.

We’re talking about the World Junior Wrestling Championship, a competition where Cuba showed supreme efficiency: three wrestlers and three medals; Yonger Bastida (men’s freestyle 97 kg-silver), Milaymis de la Caridad Marín (women’s freestyle 76 kg-gold) and Rosillo.

And the fact is that Filiberto Azcuy’s disciple certainly behaved like a roller of flips and imbalances, with a forcefulness that allowed him to finish his four matches before the regulation time limit.

In eighth finals, he beat Chinese Houzhi Hao (8-0); Hungarian Alex Gergo Szoke (9-1) in quarterfinals; and Turkish Beytullah Kayisdag (9-0) in semifinals.

Later, he defeated (8-0) German Patrick Neumaier (Europe’s junior runner-up this season) in the crown match. The German reached the final with an impressive performance of 16 points for and only three points against achieved in the semifinal battle.

Simply, Rosillo mocked at all that track record and in barely 1:25 minutes he won out over his opponent. In fact, he currently looks at the Senior Wrestling World Championship due to take place in Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan, and where he might perfectly pick both one of the six places of privilege and the Olympic ticket to Tokyo 2020 since no gladiator owns that obvious hegemony. I’d even dare to affirm that he has more than enough potential to climb onto the awards podium.

His arguments?

A physique like those cedars from Lebanon, tall, imposing and unassailable at sight. Hence, he faces the six minutes of fight with constant energy, perennially besieging his opponents, trying to engulf them in his siege and control tactics of the arms, before striking those catlike preys and flips that may seem indefensible.

In addition, he owns a resistive force that allows him to reach the end of his matches without excessive exhaustion, and then a clamp that causes his opponents pain and makes them vulnerable to his imbalances, being the latter a technique that he should yet shape to increase it to the lethal level owned by superheavyweight star Mijaín López (130).

Rosillo has given more than enough joy this 2019, but believe me, a lot more are yet to come, either over the rest of 2019, or in his long route of success to walk.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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